About us and how we started

Who we are
We are a Brisbane based professional couple (lawyer and engineer) and first time parents to a 3 year old. Since COVID-19, we’ve seen an increasing awareness of mental health disorders such as anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) all around the world. 

Mental health disorders and disability impact so many people in our lives. We are on our own mental health journey (both together as parents and individually) and have made it our mission to ensure those who have a mental health disorder or disability (diagnosed or not) have inclusion which starts with awareness and understanding of mental health disorders and disability, the signs to look for, and how to support and accomodate those with a mental health disorder or disability. 

It’s not to say that there is an increase in people with mental health disorders, but that there is more awareness of mental health disorders and neurodiversity. By recognising the signs of mental health disorders and early markers of disability, we can put strategies in place or seek professional help to deregulate, decrease stress and hopefully have less symptoms of anxiety in time. 

Giving back to the mental health community 

As a small business, we are proud to have been able to donate $850 to Beyond Blue in October 2023. 

If you'd like to donate to Beyond Blue, know that every dollar raised will go towards funding Beyond Blue’s Support Service. When someone feels alone or overwhelmed, or like they don’t know what to do next – no matter who they are, where they live, or what time of day it is – it’s vital that they know Beyond Blue is there for them.

Man holding woman's hand wearing luxury anxiety ring that is subtle and discreet


Empower yourself. Embrace your thoughts.®

Subtly anxious is just that - it is subtle and anxious. Our pieces are subtle, discreet and elegant. 

Fidget toys are popular for children, especially with anxiety and ADHD. We realised that there was a need for adult fidget rings and adult anxiety rings, and anxiety rings for kids, without looking tacky or having your skin react and turning green.

This started with a conversation about inclusion - why can’t beautifully designed rings also be a sensory product for someone for example who may have ADHD or autism (or both) and needs something to hold and stim or fidget with.

We went on the search for high quality sterling silver spinner rings in Australia (we found that many are dropshipped) and quickly found that there weren’t any spinner rings for anxiety that were subtle, stylish and functional. The rings needed to be high quality and adjustable so that they could fit both adults and kids. 

This is how Subtly Anxious® came to life - we are the only Australian business that sells only 925 sterling silver anxiety rings and 925 sterling silver fidget rings. Our fidget spinner rings are unique as they are specially engraved with our brand. 

The rings are designed as a tool used to empower yourself. It is not something that will drive away or fidget away your anxiety, ADHD or OCD. It is one of many tools and strategies that you can use to deregulate and hopefully reduce your symptoms of anxiety. 

When you feel like your anxiety is approaching, you don't ignore those thoughts - you embrace your thoughts and let them pass like a wave through your mind.  

Subtly Anxious. Empower yourself. Embrace your thoughts.®

Our Mission

Subtly Anxious® is an Australian owned small business where our mission started by raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing, mental health disorders and enlighten, empower, and support individuals touched by anxiety, ADHD and OCD - whether officially diagnosed or not.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive community where awareness and compassion need to come together, and nurturing a community equipped with strategies and tools for mental wellbeing. We strive to create conversations and connections that enable resilience and understanding, ensuring that every person feels valued and supported in their journey towards embracing and managing their mental health.

The more awareness we raise, the more we are able to increase our understanding to recover, put strategies and tools in place to empower and embrace and reduce the stigma associated with mental health disorders. 

As we continue to learn more in our journey, our mission as autism advocates is to ensure autism spectrum disorder is not only understood better in the early years of parenthood but to also advocate for better inclusion and accommodations for autism in the community. The more we advocate about this issue, the more we are able to increase the understanding of others, which in turn may mean better supports and accommodations. 

Subtly Anxious® is currently only stocked in gold plated and gold vermeil on sterling silver base anxiety rings and fidget rings but we are working to expand our collection in the near future.

We don’t have the widest range of anxiety rings in Australia but we can assure you that all our anxiety rings and fidget rings are made of sterling silver which means they are high quality anxiety rings. Check out our reviews.


Become a Subtly Anxious® Ambassador

If you would like to become a Subtly Anxious ambassador, please send us an email as to why your anxiety spinner rings or fidget rings help to manage stress and anxiety at info@subtlyanxious.com.au. 

Any information on our website or social media is not health or medical advice. It relates to our own experiences as we see it. 

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