Our autism symbol jewellery

Our autism symbol jewellery

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) bring unique perspectives, talents, and challenges. Despite growing awareness, there are so many misconceptions about autism often leading to stigma and isolation for those affected. However, there's a subtle yet powerful way to show support, foster understanding, and celebrate the autism community: wearing our autism symbol ring.


The Autism Symbol: gold infinity as autistic jewellery

The autism symbol, was previously the colourful puzzle pieces. Some in the autism community do not consider this appropriate given it denotes that autism is “puzzling.”

The distinct abilities and challenges faced by individuals with ASD, and the challenges faced by parents with children who are in the process of being diagnosed but showing early signs or even diagnosed autistic children are difficult to navigate.


Our autism advocate ring helps provide that conversation starter, and helps to symbolise to others that autism is part of your life.


Why Wear an Autism Symbol Ring?

1. Show Support: Wearing an autism symbol ring is a simple yet profound way to express solidarity with those on the autism spectrum. It's a silent nod of understanding and acceptance, whether you're directly affected by autism, an ally looking to support the community or a warrior parent navigating the journey to advocate for inclusion for your child.


2. Foster Understanding: Sporting such a ring can prompt questions and discussions, providing an opportunity to dispel myths and educate others about autism. It's a gentle reminder that behind the statistics are real people, each with their own story and experiences. Those who are undiagnosed are not even on the statistics and this ring helps raise that awareness.


3. Celebrate Diversity: The ring serves as a daily reminder of the value of neurodiversity—the idea that neurological differences like autism are simply variations of the human brain. By embracing this concept, we acknowledge the unique strengths and contributions individuals with autism bring to our world.


4. Personal Connection: For many, an autism symbol ring is a personal emblem representing their journey with ASD, whether it's their own or that of a loved one. It's a symbol of resilience, love, and the shared experiences that bind the autism community.


5. Raise Awareness: Each ring worn in public increases visibility for the autism community. It's a quiet yet effective advocacy tool, encouraging societal acceptance and inclusion.

Choosing Your Ring

When selecting any autistic jewellery, consider designs that resonate with you or hold personal significance.

Wearing an autism symbol ring is more than a fashion statement; it's a badge of honour as an Autism advocate and a pledge of support. It represents understanding, acceptance, and the appreciation of diversity in all its forms. By choosing to wear such a ring, you're taking a stand for inclusion and celebrating the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with autism. Let's wear our support on our sleeves—or, more aptly, on our fingers—and make the world a more understanding place, one ring at a time.

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