We know work is a big contributor to stress and anxiety, so we’ve curated a list of gifts under $50 - Subtly Anxious

We know work is a big contributor to stress and anxiety, so we’ve curated a list of gifts under $50

Stuck on ideas to organise corporate gifts for colleagues or employees? With mental health month just around the corner, when it comes to expressing appreciation for your employees' dedication and hard work, corporate gifts offer a remarkable way to acknowledge their contributions. We’ve curated a list of corporate gifts to give under $50 so that you don’t have to! And because they’re trendy and stylish, you’ll know that these gifts won’t be regifted for next year’s Secret Santa!

Gifts provide a morale boost, making your employees feel valued and appreciated. These gifts can range from technological gadgets to lifestyle products, but the key is that they should be thoughtful, useful, and meaningful. We have curated a wide range of gifts suitable for the work environment. Leading the list is the subtly anxious anxiety ring, a gift that combines style with practical benefits.


1. Subtly Anxious Anxiety Rings and Fidget Rings

Yes, we're a little biased to include this as our top of the list gift idea. These rings are more than just a piece of jewellery. Anxiety rings, also known as spinner or fidget rings, provide a stylish and discreet way to calm anxiety. They are designed with an outer band that spins smoothly around the inner ring - or with a well designed fidget spinner on top of the ring.

The repetitive spinning motion can provide a calming effect, helping to ease anxiety and enhance focus - something incredibly beneficial in today's fast-paced work environment.

What sets Subtly Anxious apart is that all our jewellery is s925 sterling silver base material.

The Subtly Anxious rings come in various designs and are all size adjustable, making them the perfect thoughtful and empathetic corporate gift for mental health month.



2. Sustainable Tote Bags

Eco-friendly and trendy, a sustainable tote bag offers practical benefits and helps promote environmental consciousness. Lightweight, durable, and reusable, these bags are ideal for day-to-day use, whether it is carrying work essentials or groceries.

We use Vista Print given they don’t require a huge minimum order plus it’s free marketing for your company https://www.vistaprint.com.au/clothing-bags/bags/totes


3. Wellness Subscription Boxes

Health and wellness are significant contributors to work productivity and happiness. A subscription to a wellness box could provide monthly supplies of health products, fitness items, nutritious snacks, self-care products and other stress-reducing items making it a great corporate gift option.

We’re loving Naked Harvest Supplements founded by Queenslander Georgie Stevenson https://www.nakedharvestsupplements.com/


4. Personalised Desk Accessories

From ergonomic mouse pads to stylish notepads, personalised desk accessories can inject a bit of personality into every employee's workspace. Plus, these gifts can be tailored to match individual styles and tastes.

We recommend Officeworks


5. Professional Development Courses

Knowledge and learning never go out of style. Enrolling your employees in a course or seminar relevant to their work can be a great way to show your investment in their career growth. It could be anything from an online course for your marketing team to a leadership seminar for your leadership team.


6. Gift Cards

While this may not feel as personal as the other options, gift cards offer flexibility and allow your employees to get something they really want or need, particularly with the cost of living. You can earn cash back on ShopBack at https://www.shopback.com.au/gift-cards-how-it-works


7. Tech Gadgets

From phone chargers to noise-cancelling headphones, give your employees the gift of convenience and productivity.

The latest ones we’ve seen are the Loop earplugs designed to reduce noise but still hear conversations.

Another tech gadget is the Apple Airtags which if you're like me and constantly losing your keys or bag, put an Apple Airtag in there and you'll be a new person! 

8. Personalised Coffee/Tea Sets

For the coffee lovers or tea aficionados in your office, consider gifting personalised coffee or tea sets. You could even pair this with a supply of high-quality coffee beans or a selection of gourmet teas.

Our favourite is T2 where you can get a tea set or just some amazing tea blends https://www.t2tea.com/en/au

9. Desk Plants

Plants have a unique way of breathing life into a workspace. A DIY plant kit is a fun and eco-friendly gift that every employee can enjoy.

Good old Bunnings have the perfect gift ideas for indoor plants to sit on your desk.  

10. Neck Massagers

Lastly, for employees and colleagues who spend a lot of time at their desks, a neck massager can be a simple yet effective way of promoting wellbeing and reducing work stress.

Our favourite is at Target

Selecting corporate gifts that combine style, practicality and personal well-being, such as Subtly Anxious anxiety rings and the other options on this list, can foster a healthy, positive and engaged workforce. Remember that appreciating your employees makes them feel valued and improves their loyalty - a win-win situation for everyone involved! Happy shopping! 

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