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Perfecting our designs - our journey into designing and testing our anxiety rings

As a small business, we have designed, trialled (and errored) the trending anxiety rings and fidget rings to ensure quality, elegance and functionality of our rings. 

We wanted to share our journey briefly in this blog from concept to customer. 

1. Concept

Our journey into anxiety rings started with finding some pictures online, with taking on new ideas, trending styles, customer feedback and also a bit of our personal creativity. 

We didn't aim for just aesthetic designs, but considered what each element symbolised. Our rings aren't just accessories - they're symbols of our brand to empower yourself and embrace your thoughts. 

2. Designing and prototyping

With a concept design, we do some sketching on paper and send it to our manufacturer who then puts it into a protoype. We go back and forth on the detail, where our brand can be engraved or where it can't be. After many hours of meticulous designing, a prototype is made and sent to us for testing. 

3. Product testing

Our luxury anxiety rings and fidget rings must be functioning as they are elegantly designed. Product testing is our most important process - we test the comfortability, durability, and the effectiveness of the ring. 

Who product tests our rings? Yours truly and a few very very fidgety ADHD friends who stress test our prototypes under varied real life conditions for at least one month. They’re instructed to provide us with feedback including discomfort and any wear and tear so that we can identify areas for improvement. 

Moreover, understanding the crucial role texture plays in anxiety relief, we meticulously check the smoothness, satisfying spin, and overall tactile experience of each ring. We also carry out rigorous tests for durability, where the rings are exposed to usage scenarios that mimic years of wear and tear. 

4. Feedback Incorporation and Refinement

Once we've collected all the feedback, we analyse it and revisit our design. Necessary adjustments are made to enhance comfort, correct imperfections, and improve the anxiety-relief experience. We are not averse to retesting a refined design because our goal is for every piece to meet the highest standards of form and function.


5. Final Design Production

Only after a design has successfully passed through the stages of concept, testing, refinement, and retesting does it go into final production. The creation of each ring remains an intimate process.

6. Quality Assurance

No ring leaves us without rigorous quality assurance checks. We ensure each ring matches the approved design, keeping a close eye on dimension accuracy, material quality, texture, spin and aesthetic appeal. This attention to detail ensures consistency across our designs and guarantees you a ring that is every bit luxurious as it is therapeutic.

At Subtly Anxious, our process of ensuring quality and durability are meticulously planned, ensuring our products stand out as statements of luxury.


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